How To Keep Tattoos From Fading?

Tattoos can fade over time and several factors cause them. Seriously now, how to keep tattoos from fading? Following your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions along with using the best aftercare products. Several options can be done to delay tattoos from fading. 

Tattoos fade as the skin ages. It is unavoidable. Your daily skincare routine matters because when your skin is glowing, your tattoo will be beaming too. 

how to keep tattoos from fading

What Causes Tattoo Fading?

Direct UV Exposure

Too much exposure to sunlight is harmful due to UV rays penetrating through the skin. It can break down ink pigments that lead to a blurry tattoo while losing its vibrancy. Thus, when outdoors, it is highly recommended to use sunscreen. 

Improper Tattoo Aftercare

The right tattoo aftercare can prolong the beauty of skin art. Any damage that happens during the healing process can lead to poor-quality tattoos. 

Tattoos Aftercare Quick Tips

  • Use antibacterial soap. 
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Moisturize regularly. 
  • Avoid tight clothing/friction.
  • Resist picking the scabs or scratching.
  • Avoid UV exposure.

Poor Tattoo Quality

The tattoo artist contributes to the longevity of tattoos. A professional tattoo artist knows the ideal layer to embed the ink. Thus, the artist must be precise in piercing the skin as well as the kind of ink he uses as part of the crucial process of tattooing.

Over-Cleansing and Exfoliating Your Skin 

Cleansing is good, but, over-cleansing, however, is damaging. Over-cleansing and exfoliating can lead to losing the skin’s protective layer. Gradually, it will trigger skin irritation which leads to skin cell renewal. Such a process can lead to tattoo fading because the ink pigments are broken down along the way. 

Accumulated Friction Over Time

Friction can lead to skin irritation. As was mentioned, skin irritation leads to skin cell renewal that results in tattoo fading. One of the causes of skin irritation is friction. And friction is mostly caused by the constant rubbing of tight clothing. Also, rough surfaces add to it as well as the use of harsh cleansing products. Those actions can kill the skin’s protective layers which all leads to tattoo fading. 

Skin Aging

Tattoos are embedded into the skin thus, it is safe to say that healthy skin can prolong the beauty of tattoos. Although skin aging is inevitable, it can also be delayed. Skin aging deteriorates skin elasticity and as it occurs, the tattoo gradually fades. Thus, keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized can help keep the skin’s pristine quality. 

So What Are The Best Tattoo Aftercare Products?

Well after trying a few on the market, here are our top 3 picks!

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girl tattoo artist doing tattoos on shoulder blades

Tattoo Aftercare by Day

Tattoo aftercare is a critical stage. From the moment the tattoo is done, it has to be followed with the right aftercare. The healing stage can either make or break the facade of tattoos. Thus, we took the liberty to create day-by-day tattoo aftercare. 

Tattoo Aftercare Day 1

From the studio, ask your artist when to take off the plastic wrap or bandage. Typically, the hours depend on the tattoo type and size. After taking out the cover, fluids or blood plasma will ooze out. Some of it might be excess ink and in a few minutes, the tattoo will start to sore. Also, the skin will be slightly warm.

Using warm water and fragrant-free soap, take out the fluids thoroughly. Then, wipe off the excess water and apply a fragrant-free and alcohol-free moisturizer. Do not apply any more bandages or plastic wrap to let oxygen in. 

Tattoo Aftercare Days 2 to 3

On the second and third days, the tattoo will appear dull. It is typical when the skin starts healing. Also during this stage, the scabs will start to develop. 

It is recommended to wash the tattoo once or twice daily. Opting for fragrant and alcohol-free soap and moisturizer is highly recommended. Lastly, during these days, expect that excess ink will still be running out from the skin. 

Tattoo Aftercare Days 4 to 6

During this stage, swelling, and redness should start fading. Also, light scabbing will emerge and it might be slightly itchy. Hence, it is highly discouraged to pick or scratch the scabs. 

The best way to deal with the discomfort is to simply continue washing the tattoo using alcohol and fragrant-free soap. Then, cover it with organic or vegan moisturizers. 

Tattoo Aftercare Days 6 to 14

Day six to fourteen will exhibit skin flaking while the scabs come off naturally. Note that picking them out can lead to scarring.  Additionally, the itching will be more intense, however, hydrating and moisturizing can alleviate the discomfort. 

On the other hand, if the tattoo is still swollen at this stage, it might be a sign of infection. So, checking in with the tattoo artist or doctor is encouraged. 

tattoo artist doing hand tattoo

Tattoo Aftercare Days 15 to 30

The last two weeks will be bearable because the big flakes and scabs are starting to disappear. Also, the dead skin around the tattoo will start clearing up, however, the tattoo might still exhibit a dry and dull facade. Skin moisture and hydration are crucial at this point. 

By the third week, the outer skin layers should be healed. The inner layers, on the other hand, take at least three months to heal. Expect that by the third month, the tattoo looks bright and detailed. 

Best Tattoo Aftercare Products

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Mad Rabbit Tattoo Enhance Balm

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Enhance Balm contains ultra-nourishing compounds that can boost the quality of the ink instantly. It creates a more vibrant tattoo while adding a protective layer to the skin. 

Mad Rabbit also works well with fresh tattoos. It helps saturate the ink pigments while preventing the tattoo from experiencing ink discoloration. Moreover, this tattoo balm is safe for those who have sensitive skin. 

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Enhance Balm Ingredients

Mad Rabbit is composed of fatty acids, anti-oxidant-rich butter, and lightweight oils. All these components help fend off toxic elements that can deteriorate the quality of the tattoo. On top of that, it can keep the tattoos’ pristine visual quality. 

How To Apply Mad Rabbit Tattoo Enhance Balm to Fresh Tattoos?

Before applying Mad Rabbit Tattoo Enhance Balm, apply soothing gel first. It will help ease the discomfort of itching, moisturize the skin, and alleviate sensitivity. After two weeks, apply a good amount of Mad Rabbit Tattoo Enhance Balm to lock in the ink pigments and soothe itching. 

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Enhance Balm Best Features

  • Ink Maintenance and Enhancer
  • Works With Fresh Tattoos
  • Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Works With Sensitive Skin

tattoo artist preparing tattoo equipment

Viking Revolution Tattoo Care Balm

The Viking Revolution started among bearded friends who can’t find decent beard maintenance products. While most products they can find on the market contain ample amounts of chemicals, the group decided to formulate their own solution. 

Viking Revolution Tattoo Care Balm scents its products using masculine aromas using organic compounds. As the brand evolves, they embark on creating tattoo balms that can help enhance and maintain tattoo appearance. 

Viking Revolution Tattoo Care Balm promotes fast healing while soothing the itch. It helps speed up the recovery while giving the ink pigments a vibrant look. Additionally, their scents are therapeutic providing a calm and comforting feeling after the application. Lastly, this tattoo balm can also brighten up old tattoos. 

Viking Revolution Tattoo Care Balm Ingredients

This balm is formulated with all-natural ingredients. No chemicals are added to the mixture while providing an aroma therapeutic effect. 

How to Apply Viking Revolution Tattoo Care Balm?

The Viking Revolution team recommends applying tattoo care balm before and after the tattoo process. It will bring comfort during the tattoo session and soothe the skin after. 

Viking Revolution Tattoo Care Balm Best Features

  • Speedy Tattoo Healing
  • Vibrant Old or New Tattoo
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
tattoo artist doing fine-line tattoos

Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare

Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Aftercare is a skin luxury. It can help with skin swelling and inflammation while pampering the skin with rich all-organic compounds. It is one of the top-rated tattoo aftercare products amongst artists. 

Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare is not only for tattoo enhancements but can be a great addition to your daily skincare routine. It relieves dry cracked skin while providing supple and smooth skin. 

Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare Ingredients

  • Shea Mango 
  • Aloe Butters
  • Coconut
  • Sunflower
  • Rice Bran Oils
  • Rosemary Oleoresin
  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin E Complex 
  • Mint Arvenis Essential Oil 
  • The essence of Papaya and Coconut

Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare Best Features

  • Speedy Tattoo Healing
  • Revamps Old Tattoos
  • All-Organic Compounds
  • Soothes Irritated Skin
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Cruelty-Free 
  • Certified-Vegan
  • No Petroleum Content

How To Apply Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare?

Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare also works during the tattoo session. Apart from its healing effect, it can be a great skin moisturizing alternative. 

This tattoo aftercare product has been an excellent product for tattoo aftercare. Moreover, many of the users continue to use it to suffice their daily moisturizing needs. Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare is not your ordinary tattoo soothing product, it is a holistic skincare product that moisturizes the skin while keeping the tattoo ink pigments beaming. 

tattoo artist preparing tattoo stencil

How to Keep Tattoos From Fading? – Conclusion

Tattoos fade as the skin starts to lose its youthful glow. On a brighter note, it can be delayed. The appropriate tattoo aftercare can help ensure the tattoo’s visual quality. Also, by using the right aftercare products, the tattoo can heal fast, whilst, without damaging the tattoo’s appearance. 

Tattoo aftercare products bring more than just healing the tattoo. They also boost tattoo ink pigments while moisturizing the skin with all-organic luxurious compounds.

Keeping your tattoos from fading requires products that both moisturize and enhance the ink. It is an essential factor that can maintain the immaculate quality of fresh or old tattoos.