How To Hire An Interior Designer: Everything You Need To Know

Many people wonder, should I hire an interior designer? Is the cost to hire an interior design worth the outcome? Other people do not know how to hire an interior designer even when they know they need one.

Interior designers are involved with planning the beauty and functionality of interior spaces. They will plan the position of cabinetry, flooring, the ceiling design, the colors on the walls and ceiling, the positioning of seats, and the choice of soft furnishings, among other things. The designs you need and the size of the house will determine how much it costs to hire an interior designer. To learn how to hire an interior designer, read on.

Should You Hire an Architect or an Interior Designer?

Architects are involved with both the interior and exterior spaces of a building. They come up with house designs, considering functionality, safety, and building codes. An interior designer, on the other hand, only designs interior spaces. You can hire an architect to design both the interior and exterior spaces, or you can hire both to perform specific but different tasks.

To get the best for your budget, hire an architect or an interior designer where each is needed. An interior designer might have more experience in designing interior spaces than an architect who occasionally does interior design.

How to Hire an Interior Designer: Factors to Consider

The Cost to Hire an Interior Designer

Your budget and the size of your project can determine whether you hire an interior designer. Here, you do not only consider the amount you are willing to spend on the project but also when you are willing to start shouldering the costs. If you choose to do the work yourself instead of hiring someone, you can do the work piece by piece if you do not have a large amount of money. You can do bits of the project and then hire an interior to do the challenging bits.

Some designers will charge a flat fee while others work on an hourly basis. Some designers will charge you a percentage of the cost of the materials they use, while others will charge based on the size of the room. Before you hire a designer, consider how much it costs to hire an interior designer and their method.

Which Services Do You Need?

What kind of project do you have, and what does it require? When you are wondering why to hire an interior designer, consider that interior design is more than buying new furniture and adding a few soft furnishings. When designing, you will need to balance the aesthetics of your interior space with safety and function. You will need to consider how each system will fit together harmoniously.

Designers have a wide range of services, including consultation, measurement and assessment, space planning, procurement, management of projects, and design concepts, among others. You can let the designer manage everything about the project, or you can hire an architect or interior designer for select services only. However, a full-service designer will cost more. If you choose to do your designs, you need to learn more about building safety and codes. Click here to learn more.

Your Style

Do you have expectations of hat you need as the end result in your house? Your style will determine whether you do your designs or you hire a professional to do it for you. Before you even consider how much to hire an interior, have the aesthetics you need in mind. Having your expectations in mind and letting the interior designer know will help you get the exact designs you need.

If you know your style, you might wonder, should I hire an interior designer or do it on my own? However, you might have a large margin of error if you design your space.

Can You Work with an Interior Designer?

Are you comfortable making major decisions about where major fixtures in your house should be? Or, would you rather have a professional do the job for you? If you know how to hire an interior designer already, can you work with them to actualize your imagination, or you need to make the main decisions still?

For a project to be successful, you need to work with the interior designer. At every stage, your designer needs to get approval before proceeding to the next step. This way, there will be no mistakes in the end result. When you hire an interior designer, the cost will be worth it if you two work together.

If making major decisions overwhelm you, you can hire a full-service designer and explain to them what the results you expect should look like.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Interior Designer?

Interior design projects can cost you more than $6,000, depending on the size of your scape and the designs you want. Medium-sized rooms can cost you up to $3,000. When you are considering hiring an interior designer, the cost can be in the form of hourly charges, a flat rate, or commission. Hourly fees will range from a minimum of $50 to about $300. A flat rate will depend on the size of your room and the designs you need. Here, the interior designer will estimate costs based on the expected project runtime. You can also be charged for the project as a commission on the total cost of materials bought for the design. This means that you will need to collect receipts on all materials purchased to calculate the percentage commission. In most cases, the commission ranges between 20 and 30 percent.


There are many advantages to hiring an interior designer for those wondering why to hire an interior designer. Once you learn how to hire an interior designer, you will get a licensed and experienced designer who will help you make your indoor space aesthetically pleasing. The question of whether you should hire an interior designer is a matter of personal preference. Most people do not know which style they need room to assume. However, you can use color palettes and design templates online to give your space a great look.

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