How to Design Your Flat in 2021?

Have you recently moved to a new flat, or decided that it’s time to redecorate the flat you already live in? In that case, you probably need some inspiration and guidance along the way! This is the right place to start. Keep reading to get some home improvement inspiration idea.

Popular interior design styles

Before you start decorating your flat, you should check out some interior design websites for inspiration. It can be helpful to choose one style you like and then use it as guidelines when decorating. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to only one style, you can combine more of them. Here are most popular interior design styles worth checking out.

Minimalist – If you like minimalistic concept of living, this style is something you should give a try. Minimalist interior design is very functional and practical as it can make a small flat look more spacious and it can also simplify your life and help you get organized.

Loft – If you love open space concept, loft design is ideal for you. You can combine industrial elements, natural colors, bricks on the wall, to give your flat modern and unique touch.

Scandinavian – This is an ideal option for everyone that loves nature and light colors. Scandinavian design is based on furniture made from natural materials, and homes in this style are ideal place to chill and relax after long hours at work.

Modern – If you are tech-savvy person, then you probably want your flat to reflect that as well. Modern interior design is based on white and black pieces of furniture, but you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with silver and gold details.

ContemporaryContemporary interior design is both sophisticated and practical at the same time. Furniture has clean lines, colors are usually neutral, but you can add details in your favorite color to add some personal touch to your space.

Popular Fabrics

Natural fabrics have never been more popular than today and that is a great news! They are not only easy to clean, but they are also eco-friendly. Most popular fabrics this season are linen, wool, and cotton, and you can combine them when decorating your living room and your bedroom. Some people prefer fabrics in natural, neutral tones, while some others like to experiment with different colors. Thankfully, you can find natural fabrics in many different colors and with different patterns!

Multi functional space

With so many people working from their homes, the idea is to create multi-functional space that you can use for different purposes. This is ideal for people that live in small flats and don’t have enough space for a separate dining area or home-office. With a little bit of planning, you can transform your flat into a multi-functional space and use it accordingly.

Popular Interior Colors

These days, natural colors are very fashionable. That is great, because they are easy to combine, and most people never get bored of them. Another popular options, especially for young modern couples, are black and white interiors. If you want to add a bit of color, you can get a painting, a carpet, or cushions in your favorite color. Remember that details have the power to transform your home and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are always a great option, because they are very durable and comfortable. Wooden tables, chairs and wardrobes are very popular, and you can choose the shade that suits your flat. While dark wood seems elegant and sophisticated, remember that light wood can make a small room look more spacious.

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