How to Decorate a Transitional Living Room in 2020

Leading psychologists suggest that as big holidays come near, people start thinking about money, their future, and their dreams. Often these thoughts get lost in the excitement and celebrations of Christmas, but it’s important to keep those ideas in mind as the New Year rolls around and set some goals. One of the biggest ways in which we can get into the right mindset and start fresh is by changing and updating our surroundings so that they feel new again.

Redecorating here does not mean changing the setting of your home, but rather doing something fun, interesting, and really out of the box. In this article, we are going to cover some of the most innovative and hottest trends that you can use this year to give your home and year a fresh start!

One of the rooms that you can start with is your living room. It is usually the first room that people see when they enter their home and also, sprucing up your living room gives you a sense of great style and also makes the living conditions much better.

Also, since the basic structure of a living room remains the same, it becomes one of the easier and also one of the most dynamic rooms that you can decorate and re-do. One of the styles that many people opt for today is the transitional living room.

But first, what exactly is a transitional living room? To put it in very simple terms, it is a culmination or a mixture of both traditional décors, as well as modern décor. In recent years, many people have been shifting from their modernized homes to traditional themed houses.

While trying to create a traditional themed house in this era is possible, the transition from modern to traditional faces a lot of complications. It is such bottlenecks that have led to what we now call transitional home style.


The What and Why?

A transitional living room is one that combines both traditional and modern aspects of decor. The most important factors to consider when creating a transitional living room including furniture, paint, wall art, lighting, and patterns, among others. Although the word transitional may sound complicated, it turns out that creating a transitional living room is much easier than sticking to one end.

Hence, in this article, we are going to cover some of the easiest and dynamic tips that you can use to make that living room transitional. So please keep an open mind, sip that coffee and let us take you on a ride to show you your new living room.

  1. Hanging Items

Starting with, you should consider hanging more of your décor! We recommend using your wall space more and more.

Keeping mementos, frames, and vases at lower heights is a thing of the past, and in modern homes, use your wall to hang photos and other decoration material that you want to put up in your home. The photos and the decoration items give a touch of traditionalism to the house as well as their positions in the living room give it the necessary modern touch.

  1. Light and Shade

Next, we can explore the lighting. There is nothing like natural light in the room. It makes it very appealing and sort of a happy place to sit in. However, the lighting can be maneuvered to enter the room in a certain way. This is actually a very simple task and can be achieved with the use of blinds.

  1. Honeycomb Blinds to the Rescue

There are many kinds of blinds that are available in the market today, like cellular blinds, honeycomb blinds, etc. They all have their pros and cons and give a very fresh look to the room. You can find the best honeycomb shades here at amazing deals. There a variety of sizes and designs, and you can choose the one that goes the best with your transitional living room!

  1. Small is Big

Few small things that you can change/replace that will actually make a big difference to your room are:


  • Wall Paintings: Instead of hanging those regular old frames, grab the opportunity for some aesthetic artwork painted on one of the walls with a contrasting color pallet.
  • Change that china! Take out those old wine glasses and regular cup and plates. Take the risk of buying new and popping dishes. They give an extra touch to your meals!
  • Mirrors: the most underrated but most used piece of furniture in your home. But we often go in for simple designs. Consider putting up mosaics around the mirrors, so brighten up the room, and with that, you don’t have to buy an extra piece of décor as well!
  • Fabrics: Fabrics are often ignored in the world of home décor, but just by changing a few textures and mixing up the fabrics according to the dynamics of the room.
  1. Carpet and Colors

Other than this, the next thing that you can look at is your carpet. A carpet covers a very large part of your room and hence, must be chosen carefully. Your carpet might just set the tone for the entire room. It is one of those make it or break it pieces. Here the color scheme of the room also comes into play.

Chose a rug/carpet that is not very contrasting to the vibe of your room, yet it has just enough bravado that it stands out as well. Try going in for a solid color rug/carpet instead of one with a pattern. The color scheme of your room should generally not consist of 2 major colors and one minor. Try choosing sober colors like peach if you are going in for a majorly traditional living room, otherwise, go in for a trendy color that can set the tone of the room.

Final Words

Well, that’s it, folks. Those are the major tips that can make your bedroom the next big thing and also keep it to its traditional roots. Have some ideas of your own? Suggest some good tips that you have in mind in the comment section below.

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