How to Choose the Native American Area Rug That Fits Your Home

Area rugs can uplift your home’s décor by providing pops of color, sectioning open areas, and standing out as impressive works of art. The hardest part is choosing a rug though – they’re all so beautiful and vary from Turkish, Scandinavian, or Himalayan style, but if you’re looking for something a little different, you might consider a Native American area rug.

These Navajo handcrafted tapestries add style and vibrant color to your home and come in such a wide range of designs you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your space. So, how do you do that?

Design and Color Quality

Design is perhaps the crux of why we chose any piece for our homes. It should be pleasing to the eye and in harmony with the overall design.

Weave patterns in Navajo style rugs range from simple, contrasting horizontal lines, vibrant diamond shapes, scenery, animals, and people. An abstract design might be better suited to a modern minimalist home, while patterns depicting landscapes, animals, or people, might complement a more rustic décor.

You should also be conscious of color quality. An authentic, handmade Native American area rug uses dyes that don’t fade, making them more expensive than the machine-spun variety. Handcrafted Navajo rugs also have an evenly distributed and harmonious design all-round.

Machine Spun or Handcrafted

For the areas in your house that experience higher footfall like porches, hallways, landings, and the space between the kitchen and the living room, you might consider using a more affordable machine-spun Native American area rug.

These are more affordable than handspun rugs, and should they experience any damage or wear and tear, it won’t cost you as much to have them cleaned or repaired. You can use the authentic and or collectible handcrafted rugs as Native American art to hang on your walls or on the floor away from high traffic areas.


Depending on where you wish to place your rug, rug size is an important consideration. A wide Native American area rug in the hallway may look clumsy but will fit perfectly in the center of your living room. For hallways, narrow rectangular runner-style rugs work best.

If you have a small house, large area rugs may make your rooms look smaller. Use smaller area rugs to delineate your living room from your hallway, under consoles, or by your bedside.

The Firmness of the Weave

Perhaps one of the most critical factors to look for is how tight the weave of your rug is. Ideally, it should have a six or seven-knot count. Handspun Navajo style rugs have a tighter, coarser weave that is also longer lasting.

Find the Perfect Native American Area Rug

Design is subjective; everybody knows what they like, especially when it comes to their homes. A Native American area rug is a unique accent piece because it works with modern minimalist design or rustic country décor. Knowing how to choose the perfect rug for you is essential to ensure you don’t clash with your home’s current design and pick a piece that will give you years of service.

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