How to Apply to An Art University in The UK

An art university is different from other schools because its main focus is on visual arts or fine arts like painting, design, illustration, and photography. Their admission application criteria are different because students must first prove their love for art.

Art is mostly considered a talent that one is born with and only needs to join an art university to perfect it. The universities will require a portfolio attached to the application form to prove that you are interested in arts. Here is the application procedure.

Choose your course

There are about seven art degrees you can take in the UK. They are degrees in painting, music, video, sculpture, architecture, literature and performing. Choose the degree that you feel will be best for you.

If you choose a degree that you do not love, you will have difficulty studying it. If you love painting, a degree in painting will be good for you. Your talent is within you and the best way to identify it is to take note of what you love doing most.

Check if you are eligible for a scholarship 

There is a common rule applicable in all UK universities. If you are an international student and come outside the EU and EEA zone, you will be required to pay your full tuition fee.

You will also not be eligible to apply for grants and student loans. Starting from June 2021, you will not pay the same fee as the British nationals if you come from outside EU and EEA zones. This was passed due to Brexit.

The best chances you will have as an international student will be scholarships. Before you apply for admission, do an online search and identify which scholarships are applicable for international students or local students if you are a British national.

Help with dissertation for art students 

Dissertations remind the students that their time in university is near the end. The student needs to take the dissertation seriously because it carries a bigger weight than other college assignments.

For art students, writing a dissertation can prove tough, especially when developing their thesis statement. University art students, especially those in the UK, easily get their assignments done by looking for dissertation help. It doesn’t matter which UK university the student is enrolled in or what type of dissertation they want writing help with.

Create your art portfolio 

Your art portfolio is your brand and its purpose is to sell yourself to the university you want to join. You can view the portfolio more like a personal statement showcasing your special abilities in art. It gives the university administration a good reason to admit you.

Include your finest art in your art portfolio, like your best drawing, sculpture, animation, fabric or painting. You may include collections from school or that special art that you worked on in your free time.

The university will not be interested in how many creative art apps or software you know to use. Instead, they will be interested in your creativity. Like I said earlier, art is more of a talent than being taught in a school.

Mostly, people join universities to perfect the talent but not to try if they can. Most of them will do very well if they pursue UX design education and learn how people interact with various arts/products.

Apply for admission

The application process will depend on the degree you want to take. Each degree has a different application portal. If you want to apply for a bachelor’s degree, nearly all universities in the UK accept applications submitted through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) website.

From the website, do your registration and fill the application form. You will be allowed to apply for a maximum of 5 programs in the same university or a different one. In the personal information column, fill in your educational background and financial information.

Finally, remember the crucial part, which is your personal statement and as we discussed above, your statement will be your art portfolio. Depending on your background, some universities will require you a language test.

If you want to apply for a postgraduate degree, you will be allowed to apply directly to your preferred university. If you choose, you may also apply through the UK PASS system.


Art is a technical course that helps the student improve their creativity and become effective in their work. The UK has many universities that help art students learn and practice their talent in a different environment. When a student pursues an art course at the university, they become professional artists, well recognized in society. Art students should put more effort into the practical aspect of their talent.