How Often Should You Use a Keratin Hair Mask?

Today, split ends and brittle ends remain the most popular hair problems. They occur at any time of the year, and the reason is the lack of keratin. But after all, for every girl it is important how she looks, obedient hair and beautiful styling give confidence and raise self-esteem. Keratin masks are popular in beauty salons and are actively used at home. The procedure itself is safe and harmless, suitable for any type of hair, does not take too much time and is effective. Therefore, it is possible to begin taking care with this Premium Keratin Hair Mask.

Such treatment was created on the basis of a stable and durable protein — keratin, which is contained inside the hair and is responsible for their protection. It is because of the lack of it that the hair becomes dull, brittle and split ends. Reasons for the destruction of keratin protein:

  • drying with a hairdryer, the use of curling irons, ironing and other styling items;
  • hypothermia/overheating;
  • head washing in water with a high chlorine content;
  • frequent dyeing, perms and other procedures;
  • exposure to ultraviolet.

Masks are the most effective. They quickly restore the damaged hair structure, penetrating deep into the curl, filling in the damaged areas and sealing the surface from the outside. You can choose the best keratin hair mask personally for you.

What is the best way of using it?

If you decide to treat yourself, you need to choose professional and preferably organic keratin care products, because. a lot of chemistry is added to non-professional and budget masks, which will only cause harm. There are recommendations for the use of Premium Keratin Hair Mask from professionals:

  • One-time use of keratin masks does not give any effect. It is necessary to apply masks systematically — 2 times a week.
  • Try not to use, if possible, varnishes, sprays and styling gels, which have a negative effect and reduce the amount of keratin.
  • If you are planning on coloring, it is better to do it before applying the keratin mask, because color pigments wash out keratin.
  • In addition to masks and shampoos, use keratin balms to enhance the effect.
  • Choose a gentle comb and blow-dry your hair only on a cold setting.

In some cases, the manufacturer advises to warm the hair with a hairdryer before washing off the mask, but if there is not a word about this on the packaging of your keratin favorite, avoid heating or ask on the brand’s website if you can experiment with temperature or exposure time.

The use of the best keratin hair masks really improves the appearance of hair, gives it shine, strength and elasticity. At the same time, the result is not long in coming, and a minimum of effort is expended to acquire an attractive head of hair. However, to get a good effect, you should seriously approach the choice of a product, carefully study the composition and select a mask in accordance with the type and characteristics.