Historian Reveals Her Visual Journal In A Charming Perspective

Italian Laura Di Stefano is currently based in the UK, and she has a PhD in Medieval History. She is specialised in the history of travels to the Middle East and the Orient during the late Middle Ages. She promotes culture and history using her Instagram account where she has her own community of travel photography lovers. “Travel and photography are my passion since I was a teenager. I started travelling when I was 17 and never stopped since then! Travelling and being in contact with different and new cultures has always been an essential part of my life long before this was considered a trendy lifestyle. I love to discover new places and let travel changing my perspective of the world. I travel as much as I can (mostly with my spaceman Alessio) in between work and I always try to get the most of every travel experience I have. The Historian Traveller shows you how important is to know and discover different cultures while on a journey. You will find itineraries, stories, photographs and history.” she states her story. She shares small notes and stories about the places she’s visited with her photos. Recently, she has been to one of her dream destionation Prague, Czech Republic. She says; “For a medievalist like me, visiting the Czech Republic, particularly Prague, is like holding the holy grail. So, I don’t hide that was a little emotional to shoot this picture of Old Town Square from the top of the medieval Old Town Hall Tower. Can’t get enough of this beautiful view! Český Krumlov is the perfect town for a winter escape and there are actually many things to do even under the snow!” about this dream-like destination. When we saw her photos of Prague, we realized that it was high time for us to visit Prague and have a taste of traditional south bohemian cuisine, then buy a Český Perník chimney sweep for good luck.