How Important is a Flexible Work Life for UK Employees?

Employers always need to consider what benefits are sought after by staff in order to attract and retain talent. These days, flexible working is often top of the list – a trend largely prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, which led many to realise the importance of having a good work-life balance.

A Recent Survey

Banner specialists instantprint carried out a study of 1,000 UK employees to determine the most valued benefits. Unsurprisingly, flexible working schemes were deemed to be the most important after such a long period spent doing our jobs from home. Of the respondents, 45% felt that was the main priority while 32% would value a job with a flexible working location. Interestingly, 43% saw dental care as a valuable perk.

Flex Working Becoming Essential

Three-quarters of those surveyed said they did not have the option of a flexible working environment, which suggest many businesses have reverted to type. This could be a dangerous move and there are examples of people handing in their notice so that they can find a job that offers flexibility.

The Benefits of Flexible Working

The advantages of flexible working for employees are clear, but it can bring a multitude of benefits to businesses too. It can help them both attract and retain staff as well as improve morale and boost productivity. Therefore, it can foster a feeling of mutual trust and respect that is central to success.

Remote Hires

Another important benefit that businesses need to consider is remote hiring. When they offer remote work opportunities to their team, it allows them to recruit staff regardless of their location. This helps to cast a much larger net and hire candidates that previously would not have been considered.

Other Perks

On top of all this, flexible and remote work can also reduce the number of sick days that staff use and prevents them from coming into the office if they are ill. Remote working can also help to reduce a business’ energy consumption, which is important for limiting both their environmental impact and the cost of their utility bills.

It is not just employees that benefit from flexible working and this is something that employers need to understand. It’s a perk that is highly valued within the modern workforce and businesses might struggle to keep hold of their talent if they do not offer flexibility. The pandemic has changed everything and organisations need to be able to adapt in order to benefit all.