How Do You Choose the Best Mattress?

Are you in the midst of replacing or buying a new bed? While you are busy making decisions like style, materials, colors, and other interior design elements, you are probably neglecting one more important feature not included in your bedroom furniture set – the mattress.

So how do you choose the best mattress? The key here is to start out by knowing what type of mattress you want before you start looking for bedroom furniture. Platform beds and beds with a frame and headboard are going to require different types of mattresses. There is a vast difference between a mattress designed to sit on a box spring and one that is designed to sit on a platform, although there can be some overlap.

To choose the best mattress, you need to take several things into account. These decisions will also help you determine the right bed to buy for the bedroom.

Choosing the right size

Twin beds are really only suitable for children and preteens. Once your children reach adolescence, they should really get a new, bigger bed. As they continue to grow rapidly during these years, it is best to assume that they will quickly outgrow the twin bed and graduate them to a full-size bed now in preparation for that time.

Likewise, a queen size bed may be required for tall people, not just couples. For those well over 6 feet in height, a full-size bed simply isn’t long enough. If you have a tall teenager, particularly a tall boy, you should assume they will need that queen bed sooner rather than later.

Couples may also want to get a Queen size bed for the additional width, but you can also opt for a king-size bed for extra space which is also best to snuggle up under a soft quilt cover. A California King gives you a little less width, but more height for those who are really tall.

Coils vs memory foam vs hybrids

Today’s pocket coils are not the same as the inner springs that used to be featured in most mattresses. The coils are a bit more protected in their pocket, and if they do break or bend the pocket prevents them from poking into you and causing injury. However, pocket coil mattresses are fairly firm, even with a pillow top, making them most suitable for side sleepers.

Memory foam has long been heralded as offering the highest quality sleep, but if you can’t spend a decent amount of money on a quality mattress, this isn’t the option for you. Cheap memory foam breaks down quickly, and it won’t be comfortable for long. The softness of memory foam mattresses makes them most suitable for back sleepers.

Hybrid mattresses feature both pocket coils and memory foam, giving you both support and comfort. These fall in the midrange on price, and can usually be used on any type of bed.

If you want to get your mattress at the same time as your bed, go to an online furniture store and discover mattress catalog for more ideas.