How Does TV Contribute to Society?

The television is much more than just an electronic device that contributes towards entertainment purposes. American studies have shown that TV helps develop values and ideas amongst young people and the world around them. That proves that it massively contributes towards knowledge and growing education. Whilst there is so much negative speculation regarding the TV having detrimental effects on all age groups, but particularly the younger generation, we are here to demonstrate why TV should not always be viewed in a negative light, and to highlight the question, how does TV contribute to society as a whole?

Educational advantages for youngsters

As we have already explained, TV assists in growing knowledge and education, and that applies to all age groups, backgrounds, and genders. Beginning with the younger generation, TV has a massive effect on them, and their period of growth. TV offers a range of channels dedicated specifically to those of a younger age group. On these channels, although the shows are created to be highly entertaining and keep children engrossed, they are also developed to highlight educational aspects. Kids’ channels highlight a range of communicative influences as well as academic influences. They are designed to allow your child to interact with the TV while also gaining understanding. These channels usually display different subjects such as numeracy, literacy, arts and crafts, science, and languages. The list truly goes on. On Freeview TV in the UK, you can catch a range of shows that assist with learning. Click here for TV aerial installation. This is extremely helpful for both children and their parents, as in some cases, children struggle to focus and learn within a school environment. With the help of TV, they are gaining additional learning while also being entertained. So, how does TV contribute to society then? It can set up the younger generation and our future leaders for a lifetime of learning and success.

Encourages athletics and physical activity 

What would the world of TV be without our favourite sports channels? Not to be dramatic, but some individuals could not live without seeing their favourite sports team or athlete appear on their TV frequently. In fact, watching sports channels often encourages viewers to become more athletic and healthier. TV is highly influential, much like social media platforms, and if an individual witnesses someone doing something that they would enjoy, they will often take up this activity too. Much like if you witness an influencer wearing a nice pair of shoes online, you are encouraged to purchase them too. This particularly applies to the younger generation who are looking to take on a hobby. If an eight-year-old boy witnesses Ronaldo perform tricks on TV with a football, they might be encouraged to do the same, therefore encouraging physical activity which will contribute massively towards their health and fitness.

TV marketing drives consumer economy 

So, how does TV contribute to society within the business world? It is no secret that businesses advertise on TV, and if you are a regular live TV viewer, you will notice frequent disruptions to your favourite show or movie through a series of adverts that appear in between. Although this can somewhat be frustrating, you need to bear in mind that this is fuelling the economy. Marketing through the TV involves a business presenting their product or service to potential consumers with the hope that they invest and become buyers. More sales results in more success for the firm, which can lead to additional job vacancies, and overall, there will be more economic growth. Alongside making a positive contribution to the economy, we must remember how expensive TV marketing can be. As it reaches a wider audience, TV marketing can be a pricey form of advertisement. We can also guarantee that those businesses who choose to advertise on TV are reputable and well-established brands if they have the capital to advertise through these means. This provides you, the consumer, with a sense of trust and guarantee when purchasing a good or service from this organisation. All around, TV marketing benefits not only the brand but society and the economy too.  Click here to learn more

Encourages diversity

Within modern-day society, not everyone is guaranteed to see eye to eye, and some people are narrow-minded on the diversity front. TV has influenced more and more people to be more accepting of others through broadcasting a range of TV shows, movies, and documentaries that highlight differences such as race, gender, social class, religion, and sexual orientation, and this is only to name a few. TV and entertainment content that feature diversity often become acclaimed due to shedding light on the importance of differences. Some films that have been acknowledged for celebrating diversity are Moana, Wonder and Akeelah and the Bee. These films reiterate the definition of diversity and educate not only the older generation, but the younger generation on individualism, cultures, and the significance of differences we see within society.