Reasons to Consider Shopping for Jewelry in St. Maarten

The island of St. Maarten is a stunning destination tucked in the tropical stretch of paradise in the Caribbean sea. This island is noted for its various features, including its expansive beaches, abundant sunshine, crystal-clear azure waters, and delectable cuisine.

The best part is that the jewelry is incredibly affordable because it is duty-free. There are a number of reputed St Maarten jewelers that have a large selection of gorgeous jewels at a reasonable price for you to choose from.

So, the next time you are in St. Maarten, it would be a fantastic idea to consider purchasing some jewelry items, not only because they are tax-free but also because they are of exemplary standards and elegance.

Here are a few reasons why shopping for jewelry in St. Maarten is an excellent idea.


When anything is tax-free, it directly means that you don’t have to pay the value-added tax (VAT), which is generally included in the product’s price for visitors.

St. Maarten’s jewelry is known to be duty and tax-free, which means gems, metals, and other things are more affordable than in any other place of the world.

Benefits of Buying Tax-Free Jewelry in St. Maarten

The most obvious benefit of purchasing commission-free jewelry in St. Maarten is the fact that you can get any designer jewelry or branded accessories for half of their price in the US.

The other benefit is the confidence that what you buy is of a good standard and comes in a wide range. These are among the additional advantages of purchasing exotic gems from St. Maarten jewelry stores that you’d be conscious of.

After all, there aren’t many places in the world where you can get the highest quality at the best price.

Here are few best reasons for you to buy your coveted jewelry piece in St. Maarten:

  • You can save a great deal of money because commission jewelry does not involve additional taxes.
  • As a result, it is less expensive and provides you with the opportunity to acquire things that you may not have been able to buy in the US.
  • There are various jewels in St. Maarten and multiple types of jewelry appropriate for different styles and tastes.
  • Premium jewelry: The designer jewelry available in St. Maarten stands out from standard jewelry seen elsewhere in the world.

Get a Flat Discount for the Gems of Your Choice

Compared to the rest of the globe, it is commonly known that things, including jewelry, gems are 15 to 60% cheaper in St. Maarten. It should be mentioned that this tropical paradise has several jewelry stores and retail outlets.

Major brands in jewelry and timepieces may be found at the lowest prices at jewelry stores on St. Maarten and other Caribbean islands.

Once-in-a-lifetime Chance

Many people save for years to purchase particular sorts of valuable jewels, such as gems (luxury engagement jewelry), golden bracelets, a Continental wristwatch, or a classic Roberto Coin diamond bracelet. This is because the price of these luxury items is usually out of reach for them.

Duty-free shopping in St. Maarten may help you save a lot of money while giving you the benefit of buying high-quality branded luxury jewelry products or items for a fraction of the cost. It can make your purchasing decision significantly easier.

A Vast Collection of Unique Pieces

You may be familiar with several high-end products and items available in many popular tourist locations. Nonetheless,  a number of St. Maarten jewelers provide unique jewelry pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

It would be hard to obtain special and limited edition products such as quality timepieces and exquisite diamonds made particularly for these Caribbean islands.

High Standards and Guarantees

Folks who have shopped and bought a lot would tell you that the discounts on premium products like jewelry in St. Maarten and other surrounding islands are often unmatchable in any other part of the world.

Moreover, since you are getting the same branded jewelry, you can rest assured that the quality of the products you buy is as high as it would be anywhere in the world.

Regulations on Appraisals and Returns

Most St. Maarten jewelers offer a “post-appraisal” credit policy. That is, if you are not confident of the product’s quality, you may have it assessed and pay once you are pleased. If you are not satisfied with your product’s look or performance, they will even refund you.

Every jewelry store in St. Maarten offers the most excellent quality items at unbelievable cheap costs, and it’s no surprise that buying jewelry is one of the most popular tourist pastimes on the island. When you revisit this island, don’t pass up the chance to get some fantastic pendants, brooches, rings, bracelets, and trinkets made by the most outstanding brands.