How Do You Make Your Laundry Smell Good

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Give Your Laundry a Fresh Smell

Clothes are very crucial in our lives. Whether it’s that signature shirt that you always wear as a lucky charm or those rugged jeans on your night out, clothes define us.

However, the joy that comes with wearing your favorite outfit is incomparable with the laundry task that follows. Often you’ll find yourself postponing laundry duties for various reasons.

Lack of motivation is one of the primary reasons. But did you know laundry doesn’t have to be a tedious task? Experimenting with new fragrances is a sure way of spicing up your cleaning experience.

Below are the reasons why your clothes have the undesired smell and effective ways of eliminating it.

Why Your Laundry Stinks!
Bad odor from clean clothes is not funny! After going through the tiring process of cleaning your laundry, a fresh scent is what you expect, right?

But in some cases, the laundry ends up disappointing your efforts. But what causes these unfriendly smells?

It’s high time to check your washer
All this time, your appliance might be the culprit. Lack of proper maintenance causes your machine to trap up stains in the gaskets. Continual pilling makes your clothes smell unpleasant.

Excessive moisture
Too much humidity in your laundry attracts fungus. Failure to dry your clothes properly causes dampness and, eventually, fungi.

Excessive sweat
After that morning, jog, or yoga session, your body sweats. As a result, your active wear absorbs the sweat and late washing gives the clothes a terrible smell.

Poor storage
Keeping your clean clothes in a stuffed up manner in minimal spaces makes them dump. Yeah! Unfortunately, cleaning your clothes is not the last stop; but storing them in well-ventilated closets is.

After establishing the cause for that unwanted smell, the next step is getting that smell of your laundry.

Tips to Freshen up your Laundry

Use perfumed detergents
Instead of using that bland unperfumed detergent, invest in affordable, best smelling laundry detergent available. Luckily, this will be an easy task for you as varying scented soaps are currently in your local store. Select your preference and experience the magic.

Wash your laundry regularly
Wearing or changing clothes without washing makes them stink. Your body exudes sweats always, and re-using clothes means you are recycling sweat. After changing your clothes, especially the sweaty ones, it’s advisable to clean them almost immediately to prevent sweat build-up.

Clean your laundry machine with vinegar at least twice a year
Just like any other home appliance, your washing machine requires maintenance. Cleaning up tons of dirty laundry causes stains to build-up, making your clothes smell.

To effectively clean your machine, follow these steps:
• Put 2 – 4 cups of vinegar to your detergent dispenser
• Initiate the highest and hottest setting in your machine
• Add a cupful of baking soda and make another cycle
• Finally, wipe your laundry machine internally with a piece of cloth.

With the above steps, your washing machine will be as good as new.

Don’t delay your laundry in the washing machine
After a successful cleaning cycle, immediately remove your clothes from the laundry machine. Delaying makes the laundry adopt that stain and mildew from your washing machine.

Immediately dry your laundry
Whether you opt for old school, hang to dry or utilize a drier, dry your wet laundry quickly. Keeping wet clothes for long makes them adopt a mildew smell.

Maintain a clean house
Yeah! If you are asking what a clean house has to do with the laundry, this is for you. Well, your home is where you put your staff, including clothes. A shabby stinking house will automatically spread that unpleasant smell to your laundry. I know it’s a challenge, but fresh-smelling clothes, unfortunately, call for a clean and well-ventilated house.

Utilize the baking soda trick
Apart from the known use of vinegar, this substance has impressive skills in the world of fabrics. Baking soda is beneficial, especially in absorbing those weird odors from your closet.

To experience this magic, follow these steps
• Position a small container with lime and your preferred fragrances in your closet’s corner.
• Use a lid with holes to cover your box. Closing the container keeps little kids and your pet at bay.

If you also have smelly shoes, applying baking soda in your shoes
will eliminate the smell.

Never mix up your clothes
If you have a strange habit of mixing your clean laundry with dirty ones STOP. Mixing up your clothes makes the dirty laundry contaminate the clean clothes. To avoid this happening, ensure you have separate places to put both clean and dirty laundry.

Fresh and sweet-smelling clothes is everyone’s desires. With one of the best smelling laundry detergents and the above tips, you’ll have a new smell signature that will make you look forward to that laundry session you dislike.


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