Housekeeping 101 for Cat Owners

Ever wanted to have a cat around the house, but the thought of not being able to housekeep the house just the way you do is stopping you till now? As much as this is common, and many consider that keeping the house clean while keeping a cat in the house can really be next to impossible, it’s really not. Because with housekeeping comes the different ways of doing so — the right way. If you have a cat in the house that you really don’t want to lose, there are still possible as well as healthy ways to keep the house clean accordingly.

Now things might not seem as easy as you want them to be in the first place when you’re up on the cleaning mission with a cat in your house. But trust me when I say that nothing is really as hard as it seems once you’ve adopted some housekeeping habits on a day-to-day basis. So while it is less hectic and more adaptable in a day-to-day routine, there are some perfect housekeeping 101 habits you need to adopt right now. Once you’ve made a habit out of them, there’s no way you’ll have to get worried about maintaining the tidiness of your house.

Keep on Cleaning/Vacuuming:

This can be a bit hectic and time-consuming when you’d consider cleaning or vacuuming in your house more than one time. But there’s more to the time it takes here, as you’re never really sure what might turn out to be dirty when you have a cat in the house. From having even a single family member who’s allergic to cat hair to finding corners of your house unexpectedly dirty even after you’re done cleaning in the morning; with a cat in the house, you need to keep an eye on a lot of the things around. But it surely isn’t very hectic and stressful if you simply try cleaning and vacuuming your home, from time to time, and often in a day.

Keep the Litter Box Maintained Well:

You might have stepped in someone’s house, and a bad cat litter box smell might have surely welcomed you, informing that you’ll see a cat somewhere in the house. But, this doesn’t mean it’s expected to have that awful smell once you have a cat in the house. If you keep up a self-cleaning litter box that automatically clean up your cat’s waste, as you can see on this website; you will surely be able to keep that bad odor away. So, unlike many other homes that pet cats, you’ll be able to manage that litter box of your cat and its awful odor easily from spreading in the entire house.

Protect your Furniture:

With cats in the house (or just one probably), there’s a great chance you’d find your furniture damaged from place to place with either it’s paw marks or simply the dirt your cat might spread everywhere. Here you can’t really expect a cat to think about you and fortunately keep your furniture sofas or cushions safe, really. Instead of staying protective having to keep an eye on that cat in your house and your precious furniture, a safer step would do great, too. This can include protecting your furniture with covers that are protective and durable. You can find such furniture covering and protecting cloth easily from the market.

Keep Machine Friendly Fabrics:

Cats can really be an unreliable pet when it comes to keeping the house clean all day long. Since that’s a fact, it’s probably a common situation where you’ll have to clean your cat’s clothes i.e. blankets, coverings or cushions, in the washing machine. That’s why keeping such cat materials either small or easy to wash and get adjusted in the machine can really save you from a lot of trouble from washing it every time or getting it dry cleaned.

Brush your Pet Cat Daily:

With family members or relatives around the house that are allergic to cat hair, it’s important you look out for each and every cat hair fallen in your house cleverly. But even if that’s not the case, finding cat hair in or around the house, especially where you’d least expect to find them; can really be an irritating and mostly, disgusting feeling. So to be protective of any such situations, it’s better to act smart by brushing your cat on a day-to-day basis and keep all that falling hair already trashed out every day.


Now that you’re well aware of every important way to look out for, you can keep your house clean even with cats around. It’s important not to compromise in any way on the hygiene of your house, because obviously, with the craze and excitement of having a cat in the house, looking out on the things in the house as well as basic hygiene is always one of the top priorities that come along.

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