Alexander Petrosyan Captured Stunning and Completely Honest Photos of St. Petersburg

When we look at the postcards from various cities and countries all over the world, we only see the most beautiful landscapes and buildings and streets, but we don’t see the real heart and soul of the place. A talented photographer, Alexander Petrosyan, wanted to capture exactly that – to capture the real Russia. He conducted his project in St. Petersburg and he managed to capture many different layers of this legendary city. From the moment he was born, until now, gifted photographer lived his whole life in this city. He was always fascinated by the streets of the St. Petersburg. From the glorious Russian Empire to the mayhem of the World War Two, to the recent renaissance under Vladimir Putin. Taka a look at his stunning and completely honest photos of the streets of St. Petersburg.

The bored girl.

Having a drink outside.

The strange encounter.

Sleeping on the roof.

Old friends.

Halloween in a subway.


“Give me that camera.”

Safe under the snow.


via (boredpanda)

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