Barber Uses His Skills to Put Smiles on Faces of Homeless People

Joshua Coombes is a barber from Devon, England and he’s using his skills for a truly noble cause. After his daily job at the salon, Joshua roams the streets at night, with his photographer friend, in order to find homeless people and give them free haircuts. This great man doesn’t leave the streets until at least seven of this poor and unfortunate people are served. “Doing something good for nothing really wakes people up. It is just me giving up a bit of my time, it is a great experience and it is really humbling for me”, says Joshua. This kind man wants to raise awareness about the number  and lifestyle of homeless people and hopes that this project will trigger something in people to help less fortunate ones. On these amazing and powerful photos, taken by his friend Matt Spracklen, you can see how much this means to these poor people. Most of the population just walks by them like they are air to them, not even a glance or a sense of guilt, but Joshua is the hero who brings smiles on those troubled faces. And he shouldn’t be the only one, we can all learn from him and help the ones in need. If you like these images bellow, you can visit Joshua’s and Matt Spracklen’s Instagram pages for more photos of this amazing and noble project.


via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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