Graduation Slideshow – Cool DIY Present for Graduation Party

Graduations are an important milestone for your kids, and it makes sense that you would want to mark the occasion. But as the graduation party draws near you may be at a loss over what gift you could bring that contributes to it in a meaningful way.

One idea that you may not have considered is creating a graduation slideshow. It is exactly the kind of DIY present that teachers and other parents will cherish, and has a uniquely personal element to it.

Tips to Create a Graduation Slideshow

A good graduation slideshow is more than just a series of photos bundled together. Instead, it should have personality, and be designed to make people feel like nostalgic, inspired, and motivated.

To ensure that your slideshow leaves a strong impression on the audience there are a few tips that you should definitely try out:

  • Only use the best photos

Be selective about the photos that you use when creating your slideshow, and only choose the best. Every photo that you add should be significant in some way to the graduating class, and its quality must be excellent.

As a rule you should avoid using too many photos that are very similar to one another as it will unnecessarily draw the slideshow out.

  • Throw some video clips into the mix

If possible you should add some video clips to your slideshow to help make it feel more dynamic and far less monotonous. Try to mix in the video clips at periodic intervals between photos rather than one after another to maximize their impact.

  • Find the right background music

Background music can help to set the mood for the graduation slideshow, and almost always you will want a song that sounds inspirational. It should be relatively upbeat to help set the pace for the slideshow and keep it moving.

Some classes may have a particular song that they enjoy and is relevant to them, in which case using it may be a nice touch.

  • Add captions for context

Inserting text captions into some of your slides can be a useful way to add context to your slideshow. For example you could add the names of certain events, people, or places – or significant dates, mottos, and slogans that are relevant to the graduating class.

Another good way to use captions is to add a few inspirational quotes to the slideshow. As mentioned previously graduation is an important milestone, and inspirational quotes can help to accentuate the mood and perhaps even make it more motivational.

If you want you could use quotes from famous people, or alternatively you could add quotes sourced from teachers, or members of the class.

The more of these tips you use when creating a graduation slideshow the greater its impact will be.

Advantages of Creating a Slideshow in SmartSHOW3D

If you want your graduation slideshow to really pack a visual punch, you should definitely consider using SmartSHOW3D to create it. It will equip you with all the tools that you need to put together an impressive slideshow from photos, videos, and music.

The range of features in SmartSHOW3D are very potent, especially due to its one-of-a-kind 3D animation engine. It will let you add multiple layers to your slides, include animation for individual layers, and apply unique 3D effects that add to the spectacle.

The software’s main advantage however is the fact that it will make it easy for you to create a graduation slideshow. If you want you could use its simple 3-step wizard to create a slideshow based on one of its many themes.

However if you’d prefer to structure your own slideshow from scratch it isn’t difficult either, due to the intuitive interface and easy-to-use timeline. Within SmartSHOW3D you’ll find countless animated transitions, effects, and audio tools to quickly create a fully custom graduation slideshow of your own.


Suffice to say between SmartSHOW3D and the tips listed above, you should be all set to get started. If you begin now it shouldn’t take long for you to create a graduation slideshow that is perfect for the party – and will really blow the socks off the audience.

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