Gabi Stickler Takes Beautiful Photos of Her Dog Mali Enjoying Winter and Christmas Time

Not only humans enjoy holidays and traditions that come with the holiday spirit. Christmas is coming soon and one adorable dog called Mali is making the most out of the happiest holiday of all. Gabi Stickler, Mali’s owner and best friend, made a beautiful series of Christmas and winter themed photos with her pets. Mali has a lot of buddies, and some of them are also in these images with him. Gabi got really inspired by the winter and the time before the Christmas, so she decided to share a little bit of that spirit with us.  Mali seems like he is used to these photo sessions and he is incredibly calm and focused on the images. He is literally enjoying the fact that he is a model. Gabi must’ve promised some delicious snack after the shooting. Well, for being such a good boy, this golden retriever deserved it. Enjoy these stunning images of Mali and his friends having fun while preparing for Christmas, and if you like this series of Gabi’s photos, you might also want to check the autumn session. Visit Gabi’s Facebook page for more of her beautiful work.

Come cuddle with me under this blanket.


We shouldn’t eat sweets, but this is delicious.


I decorate the Christmas tree while my human does nothing…


What’s this weird thing?


We are on the Santa Claus team.




I got tired from all this Christmas cheer.


Self-control part 2.


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