Go Green! 5 DIY Shopping Bag Tutorials

All of us have a reusable store grocery bag in our cars and use them for shopping instead of single-use plastics. Although they are useful and handy, they become a breeding ground for bacteria as we put meat, fish or unwashed vegetables in it and they go limp when we wash them a couple of times. So, it is smart to opt for an easy-to-carry, washable and sturdy alternative which is a diy shopping bags made of fabric. You can either sew it or if you can’t, there are also no-sew options which you can make easily. One option is that; take an old t-shirt or get one from the dollar-store and cut the sleeves and neck then cut slits from the bottom of the shirt and tie each of them into knots. Your bag is ready to use! You’ll find the same bag and 4 other designs with their tutorials which we are sure will make a good start for this kind of projects. Check them and try your skills today! You may like eco friendly jute bags.

French Market Bag

Tutorial: twoofwands

T-Shirt Reusable Shopping Bag

Tutorial: simplesojourns

Fold-Up Shopping Bag

Tutorial: zaaberry

Bag from Man’s Shirt

Tutorial: free-tutorial

Stowaway Shopping Bag

Tutorial: sewing4free

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