Broken Liquid – Sculptures Made Out of Layered Glass by Ben Young

Ben Young is a master of his craft like no other in the world. Aquatic sculptures made out of hand-cut glass by New Zealand’s artist, are often finished with extra metal details like lighthouses and fishermen. Contrasting organic topography with the right angles that are his cubic finished artworks, aka cross-sections. Young had to explore for years and years the properties of cut glass at his Sydney studio before he could finally do his magic. Each art piece he draws on paper first, then hand cuts the glass and handcrafts the sculpture from clear sheet float glass used for windows. In the end, he layers layer after layer to create the final piece. His work often explores nostalgic perspectives of the everlasting relationship between people and nature. To find out in which galleries you can see Young’s work check out his official website and Instagram Page, as well as his online shop to find prints for yourself.

Cross-section art pieces by fascinating Ben Young

Photo credits: Ben Young

Incredible metal details to complete the masterpiece.

Organic topography contrasts the right angles of the cubic sculpture.

Due to thickness and arrangement color and texture can vary.

“I hope viewers might imagine the work as something ‘living’ that creates the illusion of space, movement, depth and sense of spatial being.” 

Young draws his models on paper by hand each time to start off. He makes custom accessories and figures and cuts the layers of glass with a glazier’s hand-tool.

Please enjoy the rest of the photos of amazing artworks by Ben Young and check out his social media accounts for more info.

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