Glamourous Wedding Dresses by Flamingo Boulevard Bridal Studio

As we are in summer, we look for light style wedding dresses that mostly have Bohemian spirit and Flamingo Boulevard Bridal Studio one of the houses that provide such designs. Jazmin is the name behind this studio and she defines her shop as an extension of her because she deals with almost everything there. She got married in April 2015 and had planned every detail for two years. “I knew from day one how my dress was going to be and that was short, easy to move and dance the day and night away in… BUT like most girls I meet they are told that ‘it’s not bridal enough’ or ‘you can’t wear that for your wedding!’ so I’m here, on your side and fighting your corner to say wear what YOU want!” she states on her blog. She tells the rest of the story as follows; “Flamingo Boulevard Bridal first opened it’s doors May 2017 and grew from a struggle for me to find my own ‘non-traditional’ wedding dress. My search for something a little bit different was a tricky one and I didn’t want Brides feeling how I did, settling for something that might not be perfect because 1. options are just not there and 2. because they are told ‘that’s not a wedding dress’ – well girls, I’m here to sort out both those problems!” Now she has a new studio as she wanted to create a space that felt like home and somewhere brides can feel comfortable trying on their dresses. She says; “Flamingo Boulevard Bridal is so much more than all those things and I hope you get the feeling of becoming part of the family from the minute you step through the door because trust me, I will ask you a million questions about your big day because I’m interested and totally wedding obbsessed, I’m not asking to just sell you a dress!”. Below you can see some of their glamourous wedding dresses.