Gimo the Cat has the Biggest and Cutest Eyes You’ll Ever See

The first thing we normally notice about cats is how fluffy and cuddly they are. Well, that’s not the case with this little rascal named Gimo. He is, of course very fluffy, adorable and cuddly, but the first thing you notice about this cat are eyes. Gimo has the most mesmerizing and hypnotic eyes you’ll ever see on a cat. This cute cat is completely black, so the only two things that stand out are those huge and adorable eyes. He just knows that he’s lovable and he is very aware of the effect those eyes have on people, so whatever he does, he keeps those two breathtaking marbles wide open. There is no escape, you have to fall in love with this cat. For more of Gimo’s pictures, visit this Instagram profile.

These eyes are always watching.


Two perfect circles.


How can you say no to these eyes?


Gimo can stare right into your soul.


Adorable little ball of fur.


Even the other cats are amazed by his eyes.


It’s easy to lose yourself in those huge eyes.


Gimo looks scared here.

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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