Cuteness Overload – One-Year-Old Girl and Her Giant Poodle BFF Will Melt Your Heart

A one-year-old Japanese girl named Mame has her own set of giant bff poodles and they are inseparable. Their pure friendship conquers worlds as 138k of dazzled Instagram followers represent the living proof of defeat by the overload of cuteness. Mame’s grandmother is the one who makes sure that these precious moments of her granddaughter stay documented. Riku is the name of the most adorable giant poodle you’ll ever see and the companion for life for little sunshine Mame. Together with Gaku and Qoo, the other two big poodles, and perfectly matched sidekicks, they all enjoy sleeping, reading and playing on the trampoline. These big poodles can weight more than 60 pounds (27kg) and they are also known as royal poodles. The love they grow towards each other surely is royal and would even melt away hearts of white walkers.

Riku trying to find something to read to Mame before sleep time

They are cute and fashionable

Mame is a one-year-old Japanese girl with giant poodle for bff

Riku is the name of her companion and they’re rarely apart

Little old one-year-old

I don’t think black poodle feels safe anymore

It’s ghost stories time

Who’s there?!

Best birthday party ever

Adventure time!

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