Stunning Old Photographs of the Fairy Tale Germany in the 1900s

The Germany is a beautiful country, but it was simply stunningly beautiful before the two world wars happened and left a noticeable damage on this country. This new photography project called, “Germany Around 1900” will show you just how magical and classy this place was back in the day. The Photochromatic technique allowed the artists to bring out the colors in those black and white photographs and completely bring them back to life. Karin Lelonek, the museum curator is the name behind this amazing project. In his book, there are 800 photos of the beautiful pre-war Germany. The photos are displaying the fairy tale life without cars and pollution, without war machines and tragedy. Just peaceful towns, stunning castles and classy people all over the country.  Besides Karin, this project would never have been completed without the massive influence of the documentarian and photo researcher Sabine Arqué and designer, collector, and vintage photo collector Mark Walter. These three people managed to revive the 115-year-old memories that show us the class and beauty of the fairy tale Germany back in 1900.


Beautiful buildings.


Majestic interior.


Stunning architecture.


The old, simple but beautiful life.

via (demilked)
via (demilked)

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