Gelato Flowers are a Huge Hit in Australia This Year

We know it’s winter time and it’s not quite time for flowers and ice-creams, but hey, maybe this will warm you up a bit during these cold days. We assume you like getting flowers and ice-cream, well how about you get both of those things combined in one awesome item? It would be rather cool, right? In the beautiful land down under is pretty hot right now and Australians know how to deal with the heat in a very classy way. i Creamy store from Sydney invented a thing called Gelato Flowers and it’s the best-looking ice cream you’ll see all year. In order to create these beautiful ice-creams, workers use shoehorned shape spatula. When it comes to flavors, i Creamy creates gelato flowers with Asian flavors. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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On point!

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Wonderful craftsmanship.

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Beautiful colors.

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This looks tasty.

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Aussies know how to enjoy summer.

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This store focuses on Thai flavors.

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The perfect gift for your date!

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