Fox Village in Japan – Fluffiest Place on Earth

Natasha Puente is a 29-year-old world’s solo traveler from Mexico and she just adores foxes. “Foxes are my guide animal. Whenever I’m struggling the most, they always show up somehow. I have several fox tattoos and I’m probably gonna get more.” In 2017 she’s paid a visit to the Fox Village, a dream come true. The entrance fee was only 1000¥ (8usd) and rules of how you should behave are explained to you in English before you step inside. If a fox gets too close you are supposed to show dominance. Don’t lean down cause they might approach behind you and try to bite. Be careful with your backpack and belongings because they are territorial animals which mean they are probably going to pee on your stuff. And most importantly, under any circumstances do not attempt to touch them.

Little ball of fur

Charmer and the smiling fox

Rare black fox and his fluffy army of friends

Synchronized and above adorable

Selfie time


via (boredpanda)

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