Fox Cubs Photographed in Forests of Finland

It was summer early in the morning, when Ossi Saarinen, a photographer from Finland, took a wandering countryside journey with his camera around his neck. Little that he knew, his life was about to change. An unexpected encounter with curious fox cubs occurred and he took that unique chance to capture the Kodak moment from the fairytale world. Cubs were fearless and with their eyes opened wide they approached him slowly. In silence, Saarinen enjoyed their playful side. He stopped to admire their mysterious personalities and photographed this unforgettable experience. From that day on, Saarinen felt a special connection to foxes and they’ve become his main inspiration and theme for his professional work. In this collection, we can feel the magic of Finland’s forest gracefully bathing the charming fiery beasts. Under the black sky, the mood changes and their look brings more of a serious and thrilling note. On the other hand, with the open blue sky covered by high trees, foxes feel adorably tamed and friendly. If you like Ossi Saarinen’s work, he was previously known for his ‘Angry Birds in real life’ collection that you can check out on his Instagram.

Photographs by Ossi Saarinen

Photos takes in the forests in Finland

While on his stroll down the countryside roads…

…Saarinen unexpectedly encountered adorable fox cubs

From that day on his professional work has been all about foxes

He captured mysterious and unique personalites of these beautiful creatures

Their curious side

Friendly side

And playful

As well as how their mood changes,

When the night falls.

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