For the Love of Writing: Fountain Pen Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are a cool way to celebrate and commemorate things or people that we hold dear.

So, if you are a writing or fountain pen enthusiast, a fountain pen tattoo may just be the way to make a statement about it.

It is not only an edgy and unique tattoo theme but you can also customize It in many different designs.

Enough with the abstract talk though.

Let us dive in and explore the love of writing and some cool examples of fountain pen tattoo designs that you can sample.

Why Do People Love Fountain Pens?

The suave design of a fountain pen spells flair and elegance. It is the kind of pen you feel proud to own and pull out when you need it.

Yet, that is only half of it. Fountain pens offer a unique and enjoyable writing experience that makes it hard to ever consider going back to using any other kind of pen.

The gliding of a fountain pen’s nib makes writing sessions smooth and effortless, unlike a scratchy biro or pencil.

Its pointed design further aids in enhancing your penmanship to appear more formal and sophisticated. It persuades you to slow down and be intentional about your writing.

Moreover, you can customize your fountain pen’s design and components like nibs to ensure it delivers just the right kind of handwriting.

In a nutshell, anyone that enjoys writing by hand and in style would love fountain pens. They are no longer a preserve of a chosen few.

With that being said, let’s have a look at some tattoo ideas.

A Tribal Fountain Pen Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are known for their intricate designs that catch the eye and immediately draw interest from onlookers.

So, instead of simply getting a tattoo of a fountain pen, you can add some character to it by incorporating a tribal design.

The trick, however, is to ensure that the details of the artwork all come together to form the silhouette of a fountain pen.

A well-shaped nib at the tip and a cap shape at the top, for example, would help add some definition to the design.

Also, keep in mind that some tribal shapes and symbols may have cultural meanings. It is, therefore, best to work with a tattoo artist that understands their craft.

A Fountain Pen Nib Tattoo

A fountain pen nib tattoo would be a great idea if you would prefer a minimalist tattoo design.

Moreover, due to its typically small size, you can have it just about anywhere; your ankle, your wrist, or even on your finger.

Nevertheless, minimalist does not have to mean boring.

You can have the nib decorated with your initials or with different kinds of artwork to make it a bit more interesting.

The nib design of Benu Tattoo fountain pens, for example, would be a great inspiration for this effect.

Alternatively, you could add a brief text or drawing at the tip of the nib. This would create the illusion that the nib is writing/drawing on your skin and certainly bag you some cool points.

A Quill Tattoo

Quills were the writing tool of choice before fountain pens were invented. The whole concept of fountain pens is, in fact, based on them.

A quill tattoo would thus be a nice take on a vintage-style fountain pen tattoo.

In ancient times, a quill set would comprise a stiff bird’s feather and a small pot of ink. As such, your tattoo could comprise such as a set or:

  • A quill (a bird’s feather) dripping ink
  • A quill alongside some text or a drawing
  • Fingers holding a quill (as if writing)
  • A quill with a nib

On the other hand, you could choose to get inked up with an illustration of a modern-day dip and quill fountain pen.

It still offers that vintage Downton Abbey charm except instead of a feather, it consists of an elegant glass handle with a nib at the end.

You could liven up this design with the same tricks as those mentioned above for the quill.

A Classic Fountain Pen

The classic design of a fountain pen is elegant and having it as your tattoo design speaks to your love of writing.

Unlike a minimalist nib, getting a tattoo of a full fountain pen makes a bold statement and allows your inkwork to be more noticeable.

If you are worried that a simple fountain pen design would be too tame, don’t be.

You could spice it up with colored ink, your initials, a memorable quote, or even an illustration that holds special meaning for you.

In a more symbolic twist, you could choose to illustrate the pen being held by a hand. It may seem a bit eerie to some, but what is a good tattoo if it does not spark interesting conversations?

A Fountain Pen Collection Tattoo

If you collect fountain pens, there is no reason why you can not show off your favorites in a tattoo.

All you need is a tattoo artist that is skilled enough to bring out all the detailing and show off the distinct features of each pen.

To keep things interesting, consider different arrangements for the pens and opt for whichever does your collection justice.

Some razzle-dazzle art effects such as shading could also elevate the design by adding some mystery and sophistication to it.

Further, aim for a tattoo area like your back or outer upper arm where there is enough room to showcase the multiple components of this design.

To Sum It Up

The beauty of tattoo concepts is that you can take them and interpret them in a way that suits your style and personality.

In this case, you can make your fountain pen tattoo as large or as small as you like. You can also play around with different ink colors and even 3D effects.

Additionally, there is no harm in mixing themes. If a tribal theme can be incorporated into a fountain pen tattoo, so can flowers, diamonds, or any other symbol that you adore.