Nick Steinberg Captures Surreal and Breathtaking Landscapes of Fog

Nick Steinberg is an award-winning photographer from San Francisco who has been utterly obsessed with fog waves in this area over the past 8 years. He tries to wake up early every morning or stay outside after dark in order to catch the magnificent fog. He is also a member of a group called “Fogaholics”. People in that organized group update each other about weather conditions every day, so they can capture the most mesmerizing fog out there.  Nick spends a lot of time studying fog, and recently he discovered that during summer fog resides at the height of 1,000 feet. So, in order to capture it, he needed to find a higher ground. Nick chose Mt. Tamalpais, which is 2,572 feet high and from there he’s able to capture some breathtaking and stunning landscapes of this magic fog. If you like Nick’s work, make sure to follow him on Instagram here.

Truly spectacular.


Straight out of a fairytale.


It’s easy to get lost in this wonderful mist.


These fog waves are completely surreal.


So dreamy.


The colors are simply fantastic.


Town swallowed by mist!

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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