Uniquely Beautiful Female Portraits by Lauren Naylor

Today’s lens Lauren Naylor is a photographer, creative director and cinematographer based in LA. She was raised in Florida and fled to Portland then moved to NYC and continued working as a freelance photographer and graphic designer. After experiencing the cold winters of the city, she decided to settle in Los Angeles. She sums up her style for photography in once sentence; “I aim for my work to be uniquely beautiful without trying too hard.” She is a visual creator with a strong base on human emotion and expressive storytelling. She creates her compositions using moody undertones and otherworldly terrains. She favors dream-like settings including cinematic motifs to capture her subject matter. She worked for well-known brands like Prada, Wolford Fashion, Sebastian, Dazed, Urban Outfitters, British Vogue, Sam Edelman, Levi’s and many more so far. We handpicked some of our favourite photos of Lauren Naylor’s for you. If you are interested in this type of photography, she will surely become one of your best-loved photographers.