Powerful Faceless Murals of Children Painted by Julien Malland

Julien Malland is a muralist from France. He is best known by his alias “Seth”. This talented artist specializes in painting big human figures on all sorts of buildings and houses. Most of his murals are children with hidden faces. Seth has been very busy lately and he has visited places like Tahiti, New Zealand, China, Italy and Canada where he colored many buildings with his phenomenal work. His clever and colorful murals are bringing joy and brightness to some gray and gloomy areas. If you like Seth’s work, you can visit his new website and enjoy more of his amazing artwork.

Seth uses every part of the building to create a perfect mural.


Faceless children.



Smart use of space.


A door to a child’s mind.



These little dudes are enjoying the murals.


Art can’t be destroyed.


Making the best out of every wall.

via (thisiscolossal)
via (thisiscolossal)

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