Extraordinary Makeup Art Examples by Maria Nosova

Creative makeup artist Maria Nosova is based in Russia. She started this art with her mother’s Oriflame products. She fell in love with their bright and flavored catalogs, then she begged her mother to buy her some stuff, too. She used them for everyday makeup looks then she discovered beauty accounts on Instagram in 2016. Later on, she started trying other cosmetic brands and watching Youtube tutorials to improve her skills for makeup art. She mostly gets inspired by John Galliano’s runway looks, AI artworks and collage art. She likes process of creating makeup looks and everything related to it. “I may be a guru of matte eyeshadows, but pigments are still not given to me beautifully. But I liked the glitter very much: the classic thick formula and holographic glitter look very nice on the camera as well. My new favorite, definitely.” She captions one of her photos on Instagram. If you are interested in such art and follow some creatives on Instagram, you must see her feed and get her to your list.