Vegan Creative Spreads The Message With Amazing Dishes

Julia is based in a small town near Berlin. She studied agricultural science for her bachelors degree and all the facts she learned from that lead her to go vegan in 2015 for ethical and environmental reasons. “Health reasons followed later as well. I created my account to show how easy, diverse, affordable and healthy it is to have a vegan diet and to inspire and educate people.” she told us in our online interview with her, and she also added; “Back in 2015 it was also important to spread the vegan message and we build a up a lovely community. I’m for sure not perfect and could improve my behavior on being more sustainable but I saved so many resources, animals and hopefully life’s in general over this time! And this is something everyone can be proud of! That’s why every step counts to help our planet! Her dishes are inspired by nature. She likes to have it colorful like her feed. Green smoothies are surely her favourite; “Green smoothies done right are a perfect way to get in more veggies & fruits in your busy scheduled day. And if done correctly it will still taste freaking delicious! Every time I’m having a green smoothie it will make me feel better simply because it’s green.” For the future she wishes to combine her passion and lifestyle with her job. Now, indulge yourself with Julia’s using her creativity with her sustainable lifestyle.


A lot of green veggies and glass noodles.

A quick noodle soup in miso ramen style with soba noodles pak choi, tofu, corn.

Colored with bettroot juice and filled with tofu, carrot, cucumber, avocado.

Here is a colorful green spinach matcha smoothie bowl with banana.

Poké bowl with rice salad, kale, pineapple, beet root, mango, edamame, cucumber, seaweed, salad and peanut sauce.

Soy yoghurt and blue spirulina goji berry for the nose and chocolate cream for eyes.

This breakfast is an energy and health boost at the same time. The base is frozen banana pineapple coconut giving that tropical pina colada taste and blue spirulina matcha add that health kick.

This one had a mixed salad with lots of arugula in it. I combined it with pan fried bell pepper mushrooms sprouts vegan cream and my fave vegan chicken.

This pink smoothie bowl was made with frozen banana pineapple strawberries oats soy yoghurt and some superfoods.

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