Fairy-Tale-Like And Cozy Scandinavian Home Decor by Emma Sundström

Emma Sundström lives in Lapland, Sweden among pines, spruces and reindeer! She loves her hometown and it is her greatest source of inspiration. She has always been a creative soul and likes to try new things and materials and mostly uses them for house decoration. What she is passionate about the most is playing with reindeer horns to create something new out of it. You come up with many objects made out of reindeer horns at her house. Her home interior style is Scandinavian and the colour palette she prefers mostly includes shades of gray, white, black and other natural tones. Besides, she loves adding a touch of wood to all her rooms in surprising ways and you can see loads of pottery ware as accessories. Emma shares all her home interior adventures on her Instagram account @lapptussan which she started in 2014 and now has 115k followers. “”It was quite new to find inspiration for home decor on Instagram, you read most blogs I want to remember. But curious as I am, I had to investigate whether I too could inspire people with the same interest, without starting a blog as I did not feel there was time for one. So 6 years later it turned out that I could! Now I have 115k followers and how it happened I really have no idea, but I have always tried to make sure that when one of my pictures appears in the flow, you should know who it is, my style is probably not that unique, and no matter how much I love to be inspired by talented creators and inspirers, I try to stick to what I like instead of what is trendy. I love to share good tips on how to change your home without emptying the stock market.” she states on her feed. If you are interested in home interior accounts especially Scandinavian style, you should see her home photos. Here we showcase some of them.