70 Years Later Married Couple Finally Takes Their First Wedding Photos

High school sweethearts Ferris and Margaret Romaire have joined in holy matrimony year of 1946. Sadly, no one had a camera and their beautiful wedding was never captured on film. After 70 years in each other’s loving arms, they have been presented with an opportunity to finally recapture those special moments and make them eternal. Their granddaughter Amanda Kleckley hired a photographer Lara Carter and organized a reenactment of their wedding photo shoot. Margaret, 89, wore a gorgeous lavender gown and a veil, while her loving husband Ferris, 90, was looking slick in his tux. “You can see the love between them in the way they interacted with each other and laughed together as we would go from the different poses,” said Lara. “They are a beautiful example of what marriage is meant to be.”

And forever remembered




The one who makes you laugh


Get a room you two


I will never let you go

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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