Amazing Art Of Healing The Street By Ememem, “Sidewalk Poet”

Lyon-born artist Ememem has created an extraordinary type of art which he invents the term of «flacking», from the French word «flaque» (puddle), and flacking is commonly used today to designate this new “art of repairing holes”. He’s called himself bitumen mender, sidewalk poet, macadam surgeon who is dedicated to heal the damaged pavements, roads, etc. He repairs the sidewalks, roads with mosaic or wall tiles, legos, and sometimes leaves a surprising message attached to his work of art like a signature. As stated in his website; “His sidewalk’s plasters illuminate the wounds of the urban fabric. They are part of daring street art and contemporary art while recalling the traditional Japanese kintsugi, the art of repairing while enhancing. Haphazardly, we come across a work, and surprise seizes us by the radical break with street codes. Polychrome compositions burst gray bitumen,the outlines are unique, and unusual materials are diverted from our private spaces or from the archaeological imagery of the ancient mosaic.” He also organizes workshops, through which he creates replicas of the sidewalk plasters, and they are exhibited in galleries and international contemporary art fair. Pictures of his work are being shared across various local Facebook groups in the region after a viral post by a Polish Facebook page received over 15,000 shares.