Dramatic and Bold Female Portraits by Dayyan S. Varner

21 year old Atlanta, Georgia based photographer Dayyan S. Varner began taking photos 2 1/2 years ago. At first, he captured landscapes, macro, urban life photos like all other beginners then he took up portraits professionally. He says “I did my first portrait session with my close cousin that I began to gravitate towards portraiture based photography. What brings me the most happiness is seeing the reactions of my subjects when they first witness the showpiece we come to create.” He seeks to capture the true nature of his subject`s being with the click of a button. He generally prefers urban settings to portray his models. He is expert in playing with city lights at the background and including surprising effects to his compositions. His shoots are mostly in dramatic and bold mood which reflects the most outstanding sides of her female models. Take a look at our selection from his impressive portfolio then share your thoughts with us!

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