Scottish SPCA is Helping Unfortunate Black Dogs to Find a New Home by Knitting Lovely Colorful Sweaters

Not every shelter dog finds a new home and a new family. Actually, very few of them find what is called a forever home! Like that’s not enough, darker dogs are less likely to be adopted than the ones with the brighter hair. Talk about the discrimination! Not satisfied with this situation, the Scottish SPCA came up with a clever idea to dress the black dogs in colorful hand-made sweaters, just to increase their chances of getting adopted. Other than that, these cozy sweaters are helping some anxious dogs to relax. People responsible for this project believe that these sweaters are absolutely perfect for the unfortunate dogs. “Knitted jackets are ideal because they will be soft on the skin, have an element of stretch, and can be created in any, or many, colors of wool,” says Sharon Comrie, the superintendent of the Scottish SPCA. Pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree?

This one loves his new outfit.

Ready for that sweater weather.

This superhero has a new cape!

Truly a wonderful project!

via (mymodernmet)

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