Photos of Dog Pack Buddies on Their Daily Walks

Almost every day on Instagram Saratoga Dog Walkers upload their latest dog pack adventure. Since 2011, owner of Saratoga Dog Walkers – Tim Pink has been doing these ‘Pack Walks’ with 10+ dogs and they’ve just blown up! Walks are from Monday to Friday when pups’ owners are at work and doggos are left home alone. This program is super beneficial for dogs giving them perfect chance for socializing with other dogs. “The program works with the dogs’ natural instincts to travel in a pack,” Pink explains, “but sadly, this primal ritual of dogs is something that most of our dogs never have the opportunity to do.” Walks are 30 to 45 minutes long and dogs are left with both mental and physical practice behind them, going home happy and relaxed. Amazing opportunity for both owners and their pets to be perfectly happy even when they’re not together. Make sure to visit and follow their Instagram page, it will brighten your each day with a new photo of friendly dog pack looking like their taking a photograph with their full class.

Saratoga Dog Walkers are your professional dog walking service

Their program benefits both dogs and owners

Walks are 30 to 45 minutes long

Dogs are happy together and they get their exercise

Follow their Instagram as they upload each day a new photo

Walks are during the workdays while owners are gone to work and dogs are left home alone

“The program works with the dogs’ natural instincts to travel in a pack”

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