DIY Decoration Ideas for a Rockin New Year’s Eve Party

Believe it or not, 2019 will be over in just about a week. Though this time of year symbolizes a time to evaluate the past 12 months of your life and make plans for a brighter future, it shouldn’t be all work and no play. In fact, it’s only right that you celebrate all that you’ve accomplished and ring in the new year with a party surrounded by your favorite people, great food, and even better drinks.

After you’ve sent out your invitations and holiday ecards to friends and family, it’s time to start planning the festivities. To set the tone for your New Year’s Eve party, decorations should be at the top of the list. Rather than spending half your party budget on decor, you can get creative and make your own. Here are some DIY New Year’s Eve party decoration ideas below:

Party Hats

Party hats aren’t just for children’s birthdays. They can actually be a lot of fun for adults too. Not only that but they make great props for photos. Party hats are easy to create. All you need is some cardstock, glue, string, and perhaps some glitter or pom-poms for added decoration. Decorate the cardstock using glue, glitter, and whatever else you want to add (i.e. you can cut out numbers 2020 and paste them to the paper). Then, roll the paper into a cone shape and glue the edges closed and allow the glue to dry.  Once the hats have dried, apply glue to the pom-poms and add them to the tip of the cones for a bit of sparkle. Poke holes on the side of the hats and put string or ribbon through them so they can easily be attached to the head.


What’s a New Year’s Eve party without confetti? This is another decoration that’s fun and easy to make. Again, you’ll need some cardstock or construction paper. To add colors and texture you can always purchase different colors, patterns, and styles (like glitter or reflective paper). You might also purchase some party ribbon. Cut the paper into small pieces and put them in a bag to mix. Then, cut the party ribbon into small pieces and curl it using a pair of scissors and add this to a plastic bag as well. Create as much as you’d like because confetti can be used as a table decoration, added to balloons (great for popping at the stroke of midnight), or simply thrown around when the New Year begins. Once you’ve gotten all the contents into the bag shake it all up to make colorful confetti to use as you please.

Drinking Glasses

Though making glasses would be costly and time-consuming, you don’t need to break the bank trying to purchase fancy drinking glasses for your New Year’s Eve party. You can purchase some inexpensive glasses from the dollar store and use a bit of creativity to make them a bit more festive for the occasion. Some glitter, glue, or cutout numbers and letters (i.e. 2020, Happy New Year) can really bring a basic drinking glass to life. You can make each of the glasses uniform or create several different designs and place them on a table near the alcohol and punch bowls with string lights as a backdrop for your guests to retrieve.



Banners are another party staple that is easy to design on your own. They can spruce up a room and add to the New Year’s Eve theme in an instant. Grab some poster board or large sheets of sturdy paper, glitter, sequins, glue, and whatever else you’d like to decorate your banner with. You’ll also need some string to hang the banner pieces on the wall. Carve out “Happy New Year”, “2020”, or other phrases that you’d like to add and decorate each piece as you see fit. Allow each piece to dry then string them together and hang them around your place.


You’ve made it another 365 days. Though the year may not have been perfect every day, even those bad days, trials, and tribulations can be turned into lessons that help you to make the next year even better. So why not celebrate all that’s happened and get ready for what’s to come? These DIY New Year’s Eve party decorations are sure to set the mood for a rockin party you and your guests won’t soon forget.

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