Delightful DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

Crafting your own wedding invitations is a great wat for you and your partner happen to be a creative hands-on couple and want to save money on your wedding invitations, then you have come to the right place. Below are a few top tips and tricks for making DIY wedding invitations that you and your partner will love:

Save the Date Cards

The date may be set, but the planning is just starting. Save the Date cards are cards sent as a reminder to save that date and tell people not to make any plans or go on holiday on that date because it is the day you have chosen to get married.


And your wedding day is way more important than any other regular plans they could have. Seeing that it is all about the date, not many other details of the wedding are included, because those details are predominantly yet to be improved.

Utilize Ribbons

Ribbons can easily be purchased from any local craft and stationery store, or you could even tear and trimming fabric to make them. If the material frays properly, a very heritage will be achieved to your invitations. Ribbons would add a touch of colour to your invitation that could indicate your wedding colours and set the tone for your guest.


For a charming look, get a customised matching tag with your guest’s names to weave with the twine and wrap it around your invitation. This style is easy to assemble and adds that extra personalized touch to your wedding invitations.

Get a Personalized Stamp and Use Vellum

Personalized stamps are an amazing idea, and you can use them for when putting your name as well as your partner’s name on your wedding invite or for adding a return address on the wedding invitation envelopes. Vellum is a transparent paper that adds minimal layers to enhance your wedding invitation. A simple vellum wrap will leave your guest with a memorable unwrapping experience.

Make Use of Dried Flowers or Leaves

You do not have to wait to use flowers for your arrangements on your wedding day, but you can also incorporate them into your invitation. Take your time when finding dried leaves and flowers with stems to add to your invitation. Flattening and drying your flowers and leaves beforehand helps everything to sit inside your envelope nicely.


You could also use herbs instead of flowers, as they leave a scent on your invitation, and your guest will smell the delicate scent when they open their envelopes. Herbs with a refreshing scent that will hold together nicely once dried are rosemary, sage and thyme.

Dress Your Envelope

If you want something less finicky that still has that wow factor, try decorating your envelope instead. You can add envelope liners to give your invitation a little boost and the options are endless.


You could go with a pure solid colour to rope in your wedding theme colour. Consider getting a distinctive flower pattern printed, or get foil liners to add a lovely sparkle. Printed graphics on your envelopes will add more flare, such as a city skyline, greeneries, or even a hand-drawn image of your wedding location.