Decaying Mansion Transformed into an Eerie Painting Masterpiece Open to Visitors

Previously famous for painting glamorous women, Rone has spent an entire year dancing on a thin line between ‘beauty and decay’ while bringing to life a very forgotten, yet magnificent place. What lies upon you is a modern masterpiece. The portraits across the abandoned for over 30 years Art Deco mansion have set their eyes on everything that moves inside its walls. A yearlong project of reviving a mansion in ruins, at Burnham Beeches in Sherbrooke, Australia, has come to its epic finish. Rone and his team of interior designers, lighting specialists, set designers, and composers have created a time capsule! Ghostly eyes of his Jane Doe, roam the twelve rooms of the mansion thematically designed by the seasons, from scattered autumnal leaves to the pale violet springtime blossom walls. Visitors are welcome to feel the chilling magic as the “Empire” is on view until April 22, 2019. “I want people to walk in and feel like they can explore the possibilities of what might or might not have happened here,” Rone describes his goals. “I love exploring the concept of how—and why—something so magnificent can be left to decline into ruin. Empire is about offering audiences the chance to create their own story; to temporarily transport their minds to another place, another time. It’s not often that you can be so fully immersed in another era like this. It’s almost like we’ve discovered a forgotten time capsule and cracked it open for the world to see.”

“Empire” – by Rone

Rone is famous for painting glamorous women and this is his Jane Doe

“Empire” is a yearlong project of Rone’s

This abandoned mansion in Australia has been forgoten for over 30 years!

Rone sourced over 500 antique pieces to recreate the ghostly atmosphere of the mansion’s past

Rone hired an enterior design team and set designers to find period style furniture to make everything perfect

His team included lighting specialists and even composer for a soundscape

Twelve rooms are thematically designed by seasons

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