Dark Vintage Fantasy Style Photography by Stephanie Pearl

25-year-old talented and creative photographer Stephanie Pearl is based in Brixton, London UK and she is the name behind these dark surreal photos. We stumbled upon her on Instagram and then her interview on Bored Panda. She has a brilliant vision and is very skilled for turning any imaginary concept into reality. She loves challenging herself for preparing complex props which sometimes takes for days to build up. She is drawn to the strange, the fragile, the disturbing and the beautiful and inspired by magic, nature and broken things which can be seen in her compositions. She describes her work as follows; “My work is melancholic, organic and surreal. I get inspiration from songs, poetry, stories, the colors I feel with different emotions, renaissance or contemporary surreal paintings, my incredible photography peers and from nature. I’m recently particularly inspired by insects.” If you are interested in such photography, you must see her incredible captures and remember to follow her on Instagram to stay tuned.

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