20 Dramatic and Soothing Dark Bedroom Ideas

Black is a universal colour which looks elegant in any colour combination and brings a soothing feel to any bedroom. Navy blues, chocolate browns, charcoal grays, and stunning black shades make the best options for decorating your bedroom in. Creating a black canvas then playing with other colours on it to highlight specific points is one of the most delightful design and decoration experiences that you can go through. You can add some orange, pink, white, red or yellow to take attention to your favourite furniture or use textiles in some crisp neutrals like cream, khaki, white, and even light grey to create a cozy athmosphere in this dark composition. You can also let your creative juices flow while choosing lighting fixtures for this room. Hidden lights underneath the bed provides a more dramatic look for your bedroom and you can put more emphasis on this feel by adding a couple of mirrors on the walls. Adjustable spotlight lamps can be pointed at the walls to illuminate artwork, family photos, etc. If your place is roomy enough, you can consider making a fireplace which brings warmness and additional light to this relaxing place. All in all, we compiled the best dramatic and soothing dark bedroom ideas for your inspiration only. Hope you find them helpful.

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