Daniel Meadows’ “Now and Then: England 1970-2015”

The great Daniel Meadows is a legend of British photography. He’s been capturing what caught his eye for the past 50 years, documenting, creating a legacy. “We are truly honored to have been gifted his archive which will be a major resource for scholars and an inspiration for photographers.,” Richard Ovenden, Bodley’s librarian stated. Meadows started with his free portrait studio in Manchester in 1972. He traveled across the country in a converted double-decker bus, taking portraits in many cities. 25 years later, the reunion was ahead. Before and after photos, the 1970’s and 1990’s next to each other. Mothers, fathers, children, now grandparents and adults, and in some heartbreaking cases some people were missing in later photos as they’ve passed on. For more information visit photobus.co.uk and check out Amazon for “Now and Then: England 1970-2015” Hardcover.

Dave, Maggie And Steve Summerton 1974 And 1999

All photo credits: Daniel Meadows

Lyn (Left) And Stella Brashher (Righ), 1974 And 1999

David (Left) And Mary (Right) Ingram, 1974 And 1998

Christine Stauton (Left) And Christine Laughran (Right), 1974 And 1995

David (Left) And Maureen Wade (Right), 1974 And 1995

Brian Morgan, Martin Tebay, Paul Mcmillan, Phil Tickle, Mike Comish, 1974 And 1995

Florence Alma Snoad 1974 And 1999

Peter (Left) And Susie Gatesy (Right), 1974 And 2000

Phil Thompson, 1974 And 2000

Michael Mcparland (Left) And Peter Mcparland (Right), 1974 And 1995

May (1919-1995) And Melody “Molly” Gower, 1974 And 1997

Angela Hendley, Dot Rooney And Kim Hillman, 1974 And 1995

Ken Emery (Left) Ed Murphy (Right), 1974 And 2000

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