Dad Bird Carries his Offsprings Tucked Under his Wings and Looks Like he has 10 legs

Crazy bird, African Jacana is. I love the fact that these birds are engaging in polyandry mating which means that one female is mating with multiple males and leaving dads to take care of the younglings. That’s a capable chick right there. And this is not even the best part! Dads have an ingenious way to carry their offspring. Tucking them under their wings with just their feet hanging under the feathers. It creates an optical illusion that these birds have a crazy amount of legs. Legs, oh yes, super tiny super long, large feet, and toes that are up to 7cm (2.75 inches). With those babies, they walk easily above the water on the floating vegetation. They are impressive divers which helps them evade predators in style. Also known as ‘Jesus Birds’, African Jacana is just one species of 8 total of Jacanas. They are tropical birds living in wetlands mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Enjoy the photos of these gorgeous smarty pants vertebrates.

African Jacana also known as ‘Jesus Bird’

No, this dad bird doesn’t have 2 giant and 6 small alien legs

He was just protecting his little babies

Female birds mate with multiple male birds

And they leave a job of taking care of younglings to dads

Those are some giant toes long up to 7cm (2.75 inches)

Dad of the year

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