Latvian Mom Captures Her Son in Fairy Tale Settings

Dace Janson was born in Riga, 1976 on February 14th. “My father gave me the name Dace, my mother wanted to name me Iveta. For Latvians, I am Dace, and for Russians, Dasha, somehow it happened.” she captions one of her photos about herself. She captures self portraits and mostly her little son Rene in fairy tale settings. Her elder son also joins them during photo-sessions as an assistant. They explore mystic places in the neighbourhood to take the best photos and then she edits the images imaginatively to give their final looks.”There are places where you are drawn, and you want to return there again and again. This shooting took place in an old abandoned Katvari estate. We have been there 5 times for sure. The estate is located next to the lake of the same name and is famous for its linden alley. The alley is approximately 400 years old. The trees there are very unusual in shape – it seems that they grow with their roots up. The feeling is that you are in a fairy forest. The perfect place to create a fairy tale.” she captions one of her photos. You can read the stories of each photo and find details about her everyday life with her sons. “I am happy to share the results of the New Year and Christmas Stories 2021 contest. My photo was included in the top 10 best works of this competition, and I was also awarded the title of the best photographer. I am extremely pleased and happy!” she announces one of her awards as she’ve got many of them. You’ll definitely love her compositions each of which look like visual stories taking us back to our childhood. Just take a look at them and let us know whether you agree or not.