Creative Designer Blends Bohemian And Eclectic Style In Bright Colors

Sisi is a 25 year-old creative currently living in UK. She is an interior designer trainee whilst also training to become a translator. She is originally from Madagascar and her homeland is the reason for her obsession for bright colours, bold patterns and a splash of green with her houseplants. “I use my interior decor to express myself, tell my story, places I’ve been, my interests and beliefs. It’s eclectic with a twist of boho chic! I basically like pretty things and enjoy creativity. I’m obsessed with plants and nature. I love dancing, cooking, laughing, writing, reading, action movies and long midnight talks… I am a believer and super spiritual, always in quest for peace of mind, serenity and happiness.” she tells about herself and also adds that; “I’m a chronic illness warrior. I was diagnosed with 7 plus chronic illnesses four years ago and I’m on a journey of acceptance, affirmation and perseverance. It’s taken me a long time to wrap my head around it but my illnesses do not define me. I want to live a life I will remember, spread love, joy and laughter wherever I go and most importantly I want to be free of negative energy. I’m here to share, connect and be spontaneous.” She mostly uses orange, green and dark blue in her interior design and adds a touch of stripes and Dalmatian dots in surprising ways. Whenever she gets bored, she plays with some soft furnishings such as mats, curtains, cushions, throws etc. which she thinks is the cheapest way to change things up around the house. Let us take you to a virtual tour to her inspiring home. Just scroll down and let us know which detail you love the most about this lovely place.