Creative Couple Turned A Cargo Ship Into A Floating Dream Home

The creative couple, Christina and Rohan used to live in a small flat in central London and they were looking for a place to make their home. One afternoon, they were walking along the banks of the Thames and Christina noticed a sinking ship and jokingly suggested Rohan to live there. The joke came true and they’ve found a Belgian barge and sailed it across the the North Sea, chopped 10 meters out of the middles of the barge, stuck it back together, renovated, styled and then turned it into their dream home. It was quite easy for them to take this decision as Rohan has always been accustomed to boats. “Rohan is a boat man, he grew up around boats and was sailing a lot with his parents, I have no boating experience whatsoever but Rohan has always wanted to live on a boat.” Christina says to Love Property. The very first step to take when making this dream come true was to find a place to park the boat before building it. “We were very lucky to find a mooring which was brand new. It was the right time, right place, I guess.” says Rohan. “She was an old girl but a brilliant specimen from the era, so was perfect for laying down the foundations for our home,” he states about the boat. It took 15 months of hard work and they finally moved to their boat-house with their newborn daughter just before the first UK lockdown. “I think it was a trying time for both of us over those months, spending two days a week down at the boat, but we are through that now,” says Rohan. “Lockdown happened at the right time for us because obviously, we had nothing else to do but get the boat finished,” he says about that period. After the magical transformation, the cargo ship became a two-storey, three bedroom home with an amazing interior style. They bought some of the furniture in Black Friday sales as they got short of money to the end of the project. The talented couple even made their dining table by themselves and restyled some pieces that they brought from their old flat. “Our units in the bathrooms were made from vintage sideboards and we got a cut of quartz stone to put on the top,” explains Christina. After all these, the result was amazing and their boat-house has become very popular among Instagram community. The couple founded their own boat renovation business, Isla Yacht after having finished the boat project. Now they are busy with helping people with their own dream houseboat projects. Scroll down to see this amazing project and let us know whether you plan to live in such a place or not.