Creating a Dedicated Craft Room in Your Home

Being creative and enjoying arts and crafts shouldn’t have to dwindle when we grow up, yes we have more obligations and time constraints compared to our care-free childhood days but taking time out to enjoy mindful activities is great for our mental health. Participating in arts and crafts can be messy and usually involves a lot of supplies and materials, if this is a hobby you want to indulge in on a regular basis, it might be worth creating a craft room at home for you to enjoy.

Dedicating a space to this hobby means projects can be left uncompleted, without having to clear them away, until the next opportunity you have to finish it off. All materials can be stored away in an orderly fashion and any mess and chaos can be kept behind a closed door away from visitors and kids. If you have an unused room at home, this is the perfect place to set up your crafting base, you’ll just need to figure out what to put in it.

Good Lighting

The devil is often in the detail when it comes to crafting and a lot of the projects you’ll be completing will be intricate and small to tackle so it’s essential to be able to see what you’re doing at all times. Make sure your room has plenty of overhead lights installed into the ceiling and add a floor lamp and table lamp that can be moved around if necessary to suit your needs.

A Lot of Storage and Shelves

All of those materials will have to go somewhere so make sure you include as much shelving and storage as possible, it’s so easy to have clutter build up in a room used solely for crafting. Go the extra mile and purchase a label maker to help categorize and organize your space, you’ll know exactly where materials are kept and be able to locate them efficiently in the future.

A Sink

Having a water tap available in a craft room can make the world of difference and save multiple trips to the bathroom or kitchen downstairs. If you’re a keen painter, you can keep on top of cleaning your brushes and wipe down any surfaces you get dirty during the creative process. You may even want to try your hand at clay pottery which again will require a frequent use of water, Pascoe’s Gas & Water offer at-home plumbing services that can help bring your crafting needs to fruition.

A Large Desk Space

Desk space is an integral part of a craft room as it’s usually where your ideas come to life. Sketching and scribbling down drawings will be done here and it’s great to have computer space in this room too. You might want to take photos of your creations and edit them before sharing creative content online, this could be the place where your hobby actually turns into a business if you experiment selling products you’ve made online.

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